Our facility is situated on the beautiful Rockaway Peninsula. We enjoy the fresh ocean air while being in close proximity to the great city of New York.

“Our commitment to caring extends beyond.”

Our 228 bed modern facility offers compassionate care and rehabilitation to the elderly, convalescent, handicapped, or chronically ill. Our 24-hour a day professional nursing staff provides skilled, considerate care. Our team includes physicians, nurses, therapists and social workers to provide and ensure our guests’ complete care, support and supervision.

Short-term services include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Intravenous therapy for hydration
  • Intravenous therapy for antibiotics
  • Wound care
  • Total parental nutrition

At Rockway Care Center, we focus on the individual. Personal attention is of utmost prominence. Whether it is in one of our arts and crafts classes, where new “artists” are born, or in a visit to our very own on-site beauty salon where each guest is warmly greeted and gently pampered. Of course you don’t have to go very far to interact with our cheerful and friendly staff; whether at our front desk, a night shift supervisor or even a member of our maintenance crew, all are sure to bring a smile to your day. Additionally, our newly decorated, air-conditioned private and semi-private rooms— feature comfortable bedroom furniture, large color TV’s as well as other amenities—are here to improve your quality of living.