17 Jul 2014

You Won’t Believe What the Month of July Is

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When school ends for the summer, the children let out a sigh of relief. “Free at last!” they shout. Until about 24 hours in. Even if they have a day camp to keep them busy, there are still those late afternoon and evening hours to fill which would normally be taken care of with homework and extracurriculars. “Mommy, I’m bored” becomes a phrase heard all too often, and parents scramble to keep kids busy – for everyone’s sanity. Perhaps for this reason, July is proclaimed “National Anti-Boredom Month”.

One way to allay boredom is to visit loved ones and friends at Rockaway Care Center.  Depending on the age level, children (and adults for that matter) can participate with Rockaway Care Center residents in the following ways during the month of July:

1)      Crafts

2)      Table Games (card games, board games, puzzles, etc.)

3)      Religious Services

4)      Ice Cream Socials

When preparing for a visit to a Rockaway Care Center resident, the most crucial aspect is to really have a plan. Check out our calendar to see which events are on the slate, and coordinate accordingly. 

Activity level will also depend on the availability of the resident – some are more active than others, depending on their health status.  For those who are not so mobile, perhaps a talking activity could be more suitable. Ask them about their family history, about what they loved in school, about what they did as a child when it snowed outside on the one hand, or was swelteringly hot on the other. Rockaway Care Center residents will love your personal interest – it might just make their day. You will be doing your part by engaging in an act of kindness (and thereby not being bored), and all the more so, you’ll have provided a welcome, warm and fun diversion to Rockaway Care Center residents. Here’s to no boredom, ever!


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