21 Dec 2014

Winter Solstice: Mid-Year Reflection

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Winter solstice has garnered more intrigue than any other season’s solstice. Perhaps the reason is its association with Christmas, whereas no other solstice has any major holiday associated with it. Or perhaps it’s the mysterious quality of being the longest period of darkness during the year.  Either way, the lure of discussing winter solstice can be palpable.

Today is the shortest day of the year. Well, at least for those of us above the equator. By contrast, for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, today is the longest day of the year. This means that half the world celebrates Christmas not wearing snow boots, but rather sandals. Some people love the cold, the shorter days, and the longer nights – the bare trees and flowerbeds matter not to them during winter season. Others prefer the opposite – more sunshine, more warmth, and bountiful, colorful vegetation. Winter solstice represents the end of the former, and the cusp of the beginning of the latter.  Winter solstice is cause for pause, for reflection, under a longer-standing moon and stars than any other time of the year. And since winter solstice is usually December 20th or 21st, it is good timing for rumination just before Xmas kicks in.

At Rockaway Care Center, we are gearing up for the holiday season with our plethora of decorations, arts and crafts projects, and special activities scheduled. In the midst of everything going on, taking note of winter solstice can be like an oasis for thought.  How can I foster more light than darkness in my life, and the lives of my loved ones? How can I strive for the best balance of warmth and cool – physically, and socially? How can I appreciate both the stars and the sun for their full essences, no matter how much each is shining bright? These somewhat philosophical questions serve to get us to focus on what’s really important.  At Rockaway Care Center, we wish you a happy holiday season this week, taking advantage of winter solstice as a kick-starter for making it meaningful while having a good time.


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