13 Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day: Play Cupid with A Random Act of Kindness

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Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is February 14th, but did you know that three days later is National Random Acts of Kindness Day? This means that between February 14th and 17th, we’ve got a 3-day bridge for sharing the love. What could be better than harnessing the emphasis on loving relationships of Valentine’s Day, and extending it with a random act of kindness? It might not have been Cupid’s original plan, but we can surely take license.

Rockaway Care Center provides ample opportunity to participate in Valentine’s Day events as well as your choice of a random act of kindness. On Valentine’s Day eve, February 13th, Rockaway Care Center hosts its annual Sweethearts Dance in the Main Dining Hall. Perhaps your sweetheart lives outside our care center, or you came to our care center together, or – story of stories – you met here.  Either way, like our annual Winter Ball, the Sweethearts Dance is a great way to get together and celebrate.

On Valentine’s Day, each floor of Rockaway Care Center will be celebrating in its own way, with decorations, treats, and the like.  Likewise, we always encourage making and sending greeting cards (we recently wrote about how the greeting card is still alive and well) and Valentine’s Day is one of the best forums for this.

When planning who you’ll dance with at the Sweethearts Dance, or to whom you’ll send a Valentine’s Day card, consider doing a random act of kindness by reaching out in an unusual way as well. Spot a wallflower at the dance? Offer her something to drink.  Know residents who have difficulty writing? Put flyers up announcing you’re organizing a “We’ll help you write it” greeting card station.  See a group headed toward the elevator from way down the hall? Take an extra minute and keep pressing the “Open” button for them.  In short, share the love by playing your own Cupid with a random act of kindness.

All in all, being aware of others’ needs during the Valentine’s Day period opens us up for connecting well with residents and staff at Rockaway Care Center. Whether intentional show of love, or random act of kindness – either way, Cupid would be proud.


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