27 Oct 2014

Trivia for a Treat: Test Your Halloween Knowledge

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The date of October 31st is imprinted on the rubric of American culture as synonymous with Halloween. Ironically, Halloween’s origins are European pagan, yet the holiday takes full hold on a country whose religious tradition is almost 100% Judeo-Christian. Apparently, some old habits die hard – the incessant medieval fear of ghosts and goblins immigrated along with many Europeans wishing to start a new life in North America. Yet, Halloween as we know it in the US today was not what it was in Europe – its history is quite intriguing. Here are questions to test your overall Halloween know-how.

1. The dressing up in costume associated with Halloween originated in:

a)      Salem, Massachusetts
b)      Scotland
c)      Shushan, Persia
d)      Spanish Plazas

2. The reason for dressing up in costume was due to:

a)      A Scottish tradition called guising
b)      Witch hunts
c)      Pagan celebrations about alternate deities
d)      Catholic priests encouraging conversion

 3. The original date for a Halloween-type observance in Ireland and Britain was likely:

a)      November 1 (Hallowmas)
b)      October 31st (All Hallow’s Eve)
c)      November 2 (All Soul’s Day)
d)      a) or c)

4. Children say “Trick or Treat” because of the following tradition:

a)      A debauchery game played in British pubs called “Trickery or Crockery”.
b)      A late medieval Christian practice called “souling”, whereby poor people would knock on neighborhood doors asking for food in exchange for their prayers.
c)      No one really knows.
d)      b & c

5. Halloween is celebrated in the following countries by the majority:

a)      The US & Canada
b)      The US, Canada, and Britain
c)       The US, Canada, Britain, and Peru
d)      Just the US

Check your answers below. How’d you do? While it’s difficult to give a “treat” for those reading this article, yours truly writer empowers you to boast about your trivia knowledge and “treat” yourself in accordance, right here at Rockaway Care Center. Or, use the excuse to treat someone else at Rockaway Care Center. We’ll be celebrating in our own ways, in today’s US tradition of the usual Halloween decor and festive candies. No need to be scared – Halloween is just another reason for good, plain fun at Rockaway Care Center.



  1. b)
  2. a)
  3. d)
  4. d)
  5. a)



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