02 Dec 2019

Top Reasons to Get Outside During Winter

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On the one hand, you’re freezing. You just want to return back to your warm, cozy abode and snuggle up with some hot chocolate, providing you a safe haven from the howling winds and ever-present chance of an icy downpour. On the other hand, the crisp, brisk, cold edge of winter is inviting, offering a reviving spark which makes you feel something you just can’t feel when it’s warm outside.

Therein lays the challenge. How can you maintain at least some semblance of a relationship with nature while not catching a cold? How can you get from Point A to Point B, enjoying the fresh air, yet avoiding frostbitten finger tips? And why bother anyway?  Why not just go from heated car to heated building and back, hibernating until sunny, warm spring blooms anew?

At Rockaway Care Center, we support a variety of methods to assist rehabilitation, and one highly effective way is to enjoy nature in any season.  As such, we’ve put together some of the top reasons for getting outside during winter.

  1. Physically. Imagine spending all winter nuzzled up with that hot chocolate. Come on – that’s a treat, it shouldn’t be routine. Obesity is one of the major health issues in the United States, and it’s largely combatted simply by making walking routine. And if you’re unable to walk, any kind of movement you can do still serves to keep those muscles from atrophying.  Either way, by getting outside you help your lungs, breathing fresh air as opposed to machine-generated heated air.
  2. Mentally.  Staying cooped up can leave you lacking for stimulation, always seeing the same walls, books, furniture, and tiling. Stepping outside provides a welcome and balancing contrast to the norm. Take in the details: The resting dew on a fallen dried auburn leaf; a dog’s rainy-wet paw print on a brick-laid path;a passerby’s foggy spectacles peeking out from beneath her multicolored wool ski mask.
  3. Socially.  You never know who you’re going to see, or even who you might meet for the first time. Even if you speak to no one and just people gaze, getting out to see others is refreshing.  In addition, chances are that the benefits of being outside will affect your social relationships for the good when you return inside.  Since you’ll feel better, you’ll be happier and others around you will respond positively with you.

Take to heart the postman’s credo about delivering mail “whether rain or shine, snow or sleet,” and make an effort to get outside during winter, even for just 10 minutes. No matter the weather, you’ll bring sunshine to yourself by doing so.

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While you’re at Rockaway Care Center, be sure to take advantage of our locale – smell the fresh ocean air and stroll around on our professionally manicured lawns.

Did you know? The Rockaway Beach boardwalk, destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, is slated for a full rebuild in 2014.


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