10 Dec 2015

The Purpose of Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Skilled nursing facilities are similar to nursing homes. Yet a genuine skilled nursing facility provides medical services and expertise that can’t be found in traditional nursing homes. These services include skilled nursing care as well as rehabilitation services to care for the sick, disabled and injured.

Skilled nursing facilities serve individuals of all ages. If an individual suffers an injury, he can receive extensive rehabilitation assistance in a skilled nursing facility. Once released from the hospital, the patient will be transferred to the facility for hands-on treatment. The facility will also coordinate follow-up care with nearby hospitals. Patients who require physical therapy, speech therapy or any other rehabilitative assistance will be in good hands. Such patients can stay in the skilled nursing facility for as long as it takes to rehabilitate and subsequently return home.

Patients opt for skilled nursing facilities for a variety of reasons. Some need help getting in and out of bed. Others require assistance with personal hygiene, medications, preparing/eating meals and general assistance. Some require around-the-clock care from nurses. Concerned family members commonly enroll relatives in this type of care facility for close supervision to prevent dangerous off-site wandering due to dementia.

If you have any reservations about spending time in a skilled nursing facility or sending a loved one to such a facility, do not fret! Skilled nursing facilities are licensed by the state’s Department of Health Services and are regularly inspected to verify the quality of services. Anyone who requires intense skilled medical care should not hesitate to lean on the expertise of the nurses and doctors in this type of facility. Whether you or a family member or friend need short-term care rehabilitation or care for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke recovery, terminal illness or another malady, care is available at your local skilled nursing facility.

Skilled nursing facilities exist to serve individuals with families who live far away as well as individuals with close-by relatives. Any person in need of 24/7 care can obtain the assistance he needs, regardless of the role his family members play in his life. Those family members can enroll their loved one with the full assurance that high-quality care will be provided at all times. Keep in mind that the stay does not have to be permanent. Those who land in skilled nursing facilities after a stroke, a fall or a hospitalization typically return home after a successful recovery.


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