24 May 2016

The Many Benefits of Knitting

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There is a resurgence of knitting and other needle crafting activities going on in America right now. Our residents are not alone in picking up the needle and wool – in fact The Craft Yarn Council reports that a third of women ages 25-35 now knit or crochet. Even men and school children are getting into this multi-generational habit activity.

If you haven’t yet picked up your needle, it’s never too late to start! Knitting has many benefits.

  1. Relaxation: The repetitive action of needle work can be as relaxing as mediation or yoga. It can lower heart rate, blood pressure and reduce harmful blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol according to “The Relaxation Response” by Dr. Herbert Benson.
  2. Self Esteem: Tangible results from crafting simply make you feel great! Sweaters, blankets or scarves can be gifted and will always be appreciated.
  3. Self Help: The benefits of knitting are so great that self help group have been employing knitte for years. Knit To Quit helps smokers give up cigarettes. Knit To Heal helps people cope with a health crisis like a serious diagnosis.
  4. Engagement: Knitting fights against the terrible epidemic of boredom. Boredom can have all sorts of negative affects like weight gain, or even depression. Knitting keeps your mind active, especially when done in the company of others.
  5. Cognition and Memory boost: 1,321 knitters, aged 70-89, retained better cognitive abilities and had less memory loss than their peers. The findings were part of a well documented study from the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences in 2011. The knitters fared better than peers who read the newspaper, read magazines and play music.

At Rockaway Care Center residents are encouraged to knit or take advantage of one of our many programs.


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