20 Dec 2013

The Greeting Card: Alive and Well

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You’d think that the greeting card, by now, is an antiquated relic of the pre-Internet era. But alas, it’s not so. In fact, the greeting card is alive and well, and most especially appreciated during the holiday season. Furthermore, its year round usages still ┬ástretch the spectrum of occasions, from the obvious birthday celebration to a no-occasion joke card.

It doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to tell us how much impact a greeting card can make. Just walk down the office hallways at the Rockaway Care Center, gazing at doorways, and you’ll see how greeting cards are displayed prominently; proudly. Simply put: A greeting card makes people feel loved, or at the very least, appreciated.

What’s in a greeting card that makes it so special? Mostly, it’s just that it was given. The sender took the time to think about you, and go to a post office (or hand deliver it) in order to give you the greeting card. A real greeting card makes a difference because it’s not just a click away. Not just an attachment upload or web page link to an e-card which took – at most – 2 minutes to choose, compose, and send via email. In the case of a live, tangible paper greeting card, most likely the sender actually purchased the card, took pen to paper to write a message, and then had it stamped and delivered. These days, that’s the equivalent of cooking an 8-course meal when you could just as well have a pizza ordered: People will still be pleased, but it will not have taken much effort.

So go for it, family and friends of Rockaway Care Center residents. Consider not only your loved one at Rockaway, but also their caretakers, and even reach out to their fellow center residents.

Whether you prefer to purchase a greeting card, or craft it yourself, just write a message inside, and then sign, seal, and deliver either by post, or personally when you come to visit. And if your loved one at Rockaway is able to do so, you can also encourage them to make greeting cards for their loved ones and fellow Rockaway residents and caretakers.

The best thing about greeting cards is that both giver and receiver feel connected, and there’s something to show for it.


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