03 Sep 2020

Sweet September: National Honey Month

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Do you know when bee season ends? Now! Not surprisingly, bees thrive when the flowers do – during warm weather. So, while colder weather turns leaves’ colors from green to orange, worker bees cluster in hives to keep Queen Bee warm. In order to stay energized themselves, the worker bees consume literally tons of the honey they’ve created from flower nectar collected during spring and summer. Beekeepers then take the leftover honey (or replace honey with sugar water), signifying the first step in the fall and winter sales distribution process.

Enter September, the beginning of colder weather. Declared National Honey Month by the US government initiated – and USDA-overseen – National Honey Board. the awareness month campaigns about honey to the public, interesting us in partaking not only for our sweet tooths, but for countless other uses as well. 

In commemoration of National Honey Month, we’ve put together a honey trivia quiz, below. We hope Rockaway Care Center residents will enjoy finding out some facts about honey they may not have known! 

Honey Trivia

1)      How many flowers do bees need to visit in order to produce one pound of honey?

a. 10

b. 10,000

c. 200,000

d. 2 million

2)      The honey referenced in the Bible is from which source?

a. Clover

b. Orange Blossom

c. Dates

d. Sage

3)      How many different types (called varietals) of honey exist?

a. About 100

b. Over 300

c. More than 1000

d. Twenty-Six

4)      Which of the following are NOT bee honey usages?

a. Stain Remover

b. Wound Healer

c. Anti-Oxidant

d. Post-Exercise Muscle Repair Assistant


1) d 2) c 3) b 4) a


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