22 Nov 2016

Smartphones for Seniors

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In the past it was assumed that most older adults primarily used cell phones for security, but times are changing.  Recent studies suggest that more and more seniors are also interested in using smartphones for watching videos and keeping in touch with friends and family.

In order to asses what an older person should look for in a phone, you must first figure out their needs and interests.  If pictures, email and text are the primary features a person wants, they might want to opt for a simplified smartphone – a phone with data services and fewer features.  Some examples of phones to consider in this category include the Kyocera Jitterbug Touch 2 or Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II.

If older adults are looking to stream videos, engage in social media and surf the internet in addition to talk and text, they will be in the same market as younger people for phones.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a device including hearing aid compatibly, detxterity issues, and concerns for people with memory loss.

Seniors with hearing loss can opt for phones with captioning that generate transcripts of conversations. You can find a device’s hearing aid compatibility rating through either the FCC or on a service provider’s website.  A stylus pen can be a great asset to those with arthritis or issues aggravated by constantly tapping the screen.  Screen guards or insurance plans are also a good idea for those that are prone to often dropping things.  A phone locator app can if memory loss makes it hard to keep track of the device.

Choosing a phone is really dependant on the needs of the user.  Simple flip phones are great for those who might simply be interested in talk and text.  Some companies like LG and Samsung make phones with larger button specifically geared to senior citizens.  Ultimately the most important thing is that the phone should fit the needs of the user.


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