25 Jul 2016

Seven Ways to Help Someone Transition to Assisted Living

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Transitions are always difficult, permanent ones later in life are particularly challenging.  Here are a few tips to make thing a bit smoother.

  1. Familiarize the room
    Setup the new room with familiar items like pictures, albums or plants basically anything they are used to from their previous home.  These small touches can make a strange new place warm and inviting.
  1. Communicate with the Staff
    Make sure to clearly express the new resident’s allergies, interests, habits and other relevant information about his/her daily routine.  A little bit of information goes a long way when relating to someone new.
  1. Special Snacks
    Many people find comfort in their own special tastes and preferences.  While the new menu might be healthy and well balanced, a taste of something familiar from home is always appreciated.
  1. Music
    Familiar music can have all sorts of amazing benefits and bring back warm, positive feelings even if the exact memories are hazy.  Consider putting a CD player and a bunch of favorite albums in the room.
  1. Self Esteem
    Keeping residents busy with things they are good at, is a great way to enhance confidence and ease transitions.  If someone used to paint, cook, knit or do similar activities try to involve them in such things at the facility.
  1. Dress for Success
    Make sure to pack nice clothes that are comfortable and fit properly.  People feel much better about themselves when they are dressed appropriately.  Don’t underestimate the positive effects of a dignified appearance.
  1. Calendar
    While the environment might be new, a resident who know what to expect and when will be much more comfortable.  Post a large calendar on the wall with a clear schedule of activities, planned phone calls and a list of important phone numbers.  Having this basic sense of order will help a lot.

Most of all you should feel confident as a care taker that you are making the best decisions for your loved one. At Rockaway Care Center we take pride in treating your family, like our family.


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