28 Oct 2016

Seniors at the Polls – Leading by Example

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Election Day is around the corner and just about everyone has an opinion. Senior citizens are no exception and actually have great relevance to the outcome of the elections. In a close election, as is projected for this upcoming November, every vote really does make a difference. While seniors may have divergent views and reside in very different communities – they also have much in common. Representing a very large demographic of the population, their input is very significant.

Government programs including social security and Medicaid are heavily relied upon by senior citizens. Since these programs are vulnerable to change with new elected officials, it follows that older people ought to take choosing a representative very seriously. There have been notable instances of seniors defending their hard earned money through voting, writing to officials and donating to campaigns. These actions also serve as an example to the younger generations, of the democratic process at work.

Active voices in the community engender politicians that are compelled to meet the needs of those they serve. While everyone’s interests are of importance, only those who choose to vote are heard. Senior citizens have the unique advantage of sharing relevant policy oriented opinions across vast portions of the population.

The residents at Rockaway Care Center are encouraged to lead by example and exercise their civic duty at the poll this upcoming election day.


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