04 Jul 2014

July 4th Trivia Quiz

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Post-American-FlagWe all know that July 4th is the United States Independence Day. We celebrate by relishing in picnics and fireworks, and at Rockaway Care Center we have events and singing planned as usual.

As intellectual stimulation, while you’re firing up the barbeque and gazing at the colorful flares in the skies, here are some facts about July 4th that you might not have known, or maybe just forgot since high school.

July 4th Trivia Quiz

1. July 4th, our Independence Day, is one of ten federal holidays.  Which holiday is not one of the other nine federal holidays?

a)     Columbus Day
b)     Christmas
c)      Veterans Day
d)     New Year’s Day
e)     Election Day
f)       Inauguration Day
g)     Thanksgiving Day
h)     Labor Day
i)      Memorial Day
j)      Presidents’ Day
k)     Martin Luther King Day

2. How many US presidents died on July 4th?

a)     2
b)     3
c)      1
d)     5

 3. Which of the following presidents did not die on July 4th?

a)     James Madison
b)     Abraham Lincoln
c)      John Adams
d)     Thomas Jefferson

4. On what date was the Declaration of Independence signed?

a)     July 5, 1776
b)     July 4, 1776
c)      July 2, 1776
d)     July 4, 1789

5. In what ways was the first Independence Day not celebrated?

a)     Firing of muskets and cannons
b)     Public readings of the Declaration of Independence
c)      Dumping tea into the Boston Harbor
d)     Holding mock funerals for King George III

Were you enlightened? To read more about the intricacies of July 4th history, check out The History Channel’s information on Independence Day. And July the 4th be with you at Rockaway Care Center.



  1. d)
  2. b)
  3. b)
  4. b)
  5. c)

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