11 Sep 2013

It’s Your Care, It’s Your Choice…

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The Rockaway Care Center is a leading provider of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care on the beautiful Rockaway Peninsula, not far from New York City. We provide compassionate, personal care in a comfortable “home style” environment that is friendly and inviting.

Our focus is always on quality care. At the Rockaway Care Center our staff team spirit translates into friendly service to visitors and family members that make our facility special. Recognizing how difficult it is to transition into and out of home care facility we strive to ease the process by keeping our guests well informed of facility events and doing our best to make them as comfortable as they can be.

Our inviting facility is a perfect environment for wound care, total parental nutrition, rehabilitation, intravenous therapy for hydration, and intravenous therapy for antibiotics. We understand how important it is to create and maintain a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere.

We encourage residents to be as active as possible to maintain their independence and sense of self-worth. We choose the caregivers at Rockaway Care Center based on their ability to facilitate this philosophy by ensuring that they exude the qualities of kindness, patience, joy, peace, gentleness, and self-control while carrying for any individual. We’re committed to nurturing our residents with compassion, comfort, and care.

Our care starts by partnering with your physician and family to completely understand your needs so that we can anticipate and accommodate them during your stay. Our 24/7 nursing staff is always ready to assist you when necessary. Our medical director regularly reviews your specific case and remains in communication with your primary doctor in the event your needs change.

Not only do you receive competent and attentive care in our facility, you also get the benefit of all the comforts of being at home including well prepared meals and spacious accommodations. Feel free to relax, surf the Internet, check email, watch television, pop in a movie, will entertain visitors in one of our comfortable living rooms.

The Rockaway Care Center is affordable, innovative, collaborative, educational, compassionate, and comfortable for rehabilitation and recovery care. These are the standards by which we measure ourselves.

Our facility goes above and beyond revelatory requirements and traditional notions about what recovery care should be. Whether it’s one of our arts and crafts classes or an experience in the on-site beauty salon where guests are greeted warmly and gently pampered, we offer more special services, flexibility, choices, and creative funding options to make Rockaway Care Center the best choice for you.


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