23 Jul 2017

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…National Ice Cream Month!

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Talk about relief. It’s July, that mid-month of summer when it’s already too sweltering to be outside, but it’s unrealistic to expect that every single moment can be spent indoors with blasting A/C. So what do you do? Scream? Well that wouldn’t be so effective as a cooling technique. But scream for, and then purchase ice cream? Now we’re screaming.

Something was going on in 1984, and it wasn’t Big Brother finally wielding his power. No, it was much more interesting, albeit perhaps a little less influential than that: President Ronald Reagan declared the hot month of July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. Apparently he wasn’t just into Jelly Beans.

In celebration of this literally cool idea of President Reagan’s, we’ve put together a trivia quiz of ice cream related questions. Test your knowledge – and if you answer all of them correctly, reward yourself with the ice cream of your choice. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone – even if you just learn all of the answers from this trivia quiz, you are allowed to go for the dairy delight. We permit.)

So go ahead, test your one scoop or two, cone or cup knowledge, right here. And at the next Rockaway Care Center ice cream social, test each other!

1. What percentage of all US-dairy produced milk is used for ice cream?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 13
d) 45
e) 5

2. America opened its first ice cream parlor in the same year as which war began?
a) US Civil War
b) WWI
c) The Cold War
d) American Revolutionary War
e) The French & Indian War

3. These countries are the top five per-capita consumers of ice cream. Which of these five boasts the highest per-capita consumption?
a) Sweden
b) US
c) Finland
d) New Zealand
e) Australia

4. How many gallons of milk does it take to make one gallon of ice cream?
a) 4
b) 1/2
c) 3
d) 2
e) 1

5. What initiated the invention of ice cream cones?
a) Baskin & Robbins wanted to offer customers an edible choice, and their marketing team rose to the cause.
b) An ice cream vendor ran out of cups at the 1904 World’s Fair, and a neighboring waffle vendor made the suggestion.
c) At a 1910 Baseball World Series game, Breyer’s began selling triangle shaped cookies with ice cream inside, not only leading to the popular cookies and cream flavor, but also eventually giving way to the ice cream cone.
d) In India, ice cream was always served in cups made out of cookies. When the British were in charge in India, they took the idea back to Britain where the shape became more of light cone.

Sources: IceCream.com , IDFA

See answers below. So how’d you do? Did you know it all, learn it all afresh, or a bit of both? Either way, enjoy your ice cream prize, and stay cool this summer.
1. a 2. d) 3. d) 4. c) 5. b)


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