26 Jan 2014

Hobbies Make Happiness: January is National Hobby Month

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Did you know that January is National Hobby Month?  It’s no wonder: The likelihood of staying inside due to inclement weather – coupled with the emotional letdown after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations – means you need a focus on healthy pick-me-ups that keep you busy and happy.  Year round, Rockaway Care Center works hard to consistently  emphasize hobbies as a priority for the residents, and National Hobby Month in January is a great reason to highlight our focus in this area.

When we think of the word hobby, we think of activities we do on the side.  If we’re working, hobbies are done on our “off” hours.  Even if we’re not working, we might be busy with a regular schedule of a different sort, so hobbies are worked in around our routine. Either way, we engage in hobbies just because we like them – hobbies give us pleasure.  At Rockaway Care Center, we encourage our residents to pursue their hobbies to the best of their abilities, because when people are involved in fulfilling activities, they feel happy, resulting in easier recovery and overall feeling better.

If you are considering bringing your family member to Rockaway Care Center, or already have a relative here, make sure they know you care about their hobbies. Ask them specifically: “Any hobbies you pursuing these days? I know you like to do…” If they do wish to pursue their hobby, they can talk it up at lunch or in the hallways – perhaps there’s a full group who will want to pursue it together, such as a knitting circle, or (a circle of a different kind) poker night.

Apropros, here’s a sampling of hobby-type activities held at Rockaway Care Center:

  • Musical Memories
  • Crafts
  • Table Games
  • Card Games
  • Beauty Culture
  • Bowling
  • Bingo
  • News & Views

Not pursuing a hobby these days? No worries. You can easily sit it on a lecture, attend a Bingo game, or make a craft. No commitment necessary – just good, clean fun to broaden the mind and socialize with others pursuing the same interest for that time frame. So, pick a hobby at Rockaway Care Center, and take it to any degree you’d like – just go for it! It’s proven that one’s own pursuits make for a more satisfied (read: happy) person. And being happy leads you to be more healthy, our ultimate goal.


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