09 Jan 2017

Dance the Night Away

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Weekly low impact dancing has been show to ease the challenges of aging.  Optimally, dancing three times a week will have the greatest impact.  In fact dancing is one of the most popular hobbies for those over the age of 50.

Dancing and healthy movement lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels which can be a crucial for many.  Healthy diets are very important but they are most effective when combined with dance or exercise.   Low impact dancing also increases mobility without the worry of joint damage.  Dancing is natural and movements come with ease.  It’s a great way to exercise without the strain.

Over time, dancing can enhance balance control and centering.  As people age they may lose their sense of balance which can impact walking and climbing stairs.  Incorporating dance into the weekly schedule places emphasis on maintaining and honing these skills.  Dance is a great option for increasing bone mass and building muscle, as well.

Weight loss can become an ongoing battle as mobility declines and people are less likely to prepare their own meals.  Seniors may have a hard time dieting and strenuous exercise is not usually a good option.  Dance can fill both the needs for stimulation and exercise.  A consistent schedule can aid in efforts to lose and/or maintain a healthy weight.
Dancing is a natural mood enhancer.  Heavy exercise produces endorphins which make people feel good and energized, but dancing can have a similar effect without the need for endorphins.  Music, and perhaps feelings of nostalgia, can lift people up dramatically.   Dancing is not just a physical activity, it can also be a cognitive workout as people learn new steps and concentrate on following the music.   The benefits of increased cognition include pushing off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dancing is a fun and an extremely beneficial activity.  At Rockaway Care Center we encourage the best care for our residents.  The physical, social and emotional health of our residents is a primary concern.   So dance the night away!


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