28 Sep 2016

Changing Seasons

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As fall approaches, it’s time to get ready for a new season. The change in season can be a lot fun but it can also bring about a shift in moods.

Seniors should make sure to get as much sunlight as possible. It can be difficult to spend hours outdoors as the weather cools but exposure to light can be very uplifting. If one is limited from going outdoors they should spend time near windows and make sure that blinds or shades are kept open. Some people even rearrange furniture to keep their beds near the source of light.

If a person is really struggling to find time in or near sunlight, one can purchase special light boxes that are meant for indoor use. There is some evidence that over extended periods of time, regular exposure to an indoor light box can combat seasonal depression and other mood disorders.

A more traditional way of keeping the spirits high as the sun begins to go down early is maintaining and nurturing relationships with family and friends. Reminiscing or creating new memories can warm the soul. Residents are encouraged to avail themselves in an array of social programs that bring people together.

While exercise might not always be the easiest option for our community, those who can take long walks and maintain an active lifestyle and encouraged. Physical movement helps the blow flow, is great for overall health and creates endorphins which are natural mood boosters.

As the season of pumpkin spice approaches, there are many ways to enjoy the change. Rockaway Care Center is committed to helping seniors enjoy the golden years in a stress free and engaging environment.


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