10 Jul 2014

Bring On the Companionship

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At times, it seems like there’s a day, or even a month, dedicated to practically anything.  This month alone we have National Scarecrow Day, I Forgot Day, World UFO Day, and Sidewalk Egg Frying Day, to name a few. Thankfully, some of the more obscure dedicated days are incredibly positive for volunteerism, such as a day dedicated on July 11th, Cheer Up The Lonely Day. Here at Rockaway Care Center, we are very appreciative of the focus of this day.

People increasingly come to Rockaway Care Center for medical rehabilitation, as well as continuing to come as aging seniors.  Some are here short term, others long term. Either way, they are not in their regular home setting, which of course can be unsettling. We work hard to make them feel most at home with various activities, a communal dining hall, and an incredibly dedicated staff.

But there’s no replacement for having one’s own visitors. It’s hard to be away from home. Read: It can get lonely.

For this reason, Cheer Up The Lonely Day is a good excuse to organize, both individuals and groups, to visit Rockaway Care Center as well as any other people you feel could use the company. 

It goes without saying that the residents never need to know the reason you chose this day. Instead of coming just to visit them, it’s helpful to have a plan, such as:

  1. Play a game together: Cards, chess, Monopoly, etc.
  2. Read an article or short story out loud, and then discuss it.
  3. Do a drawing project together, such as making a card for a mutual family member or friend.
  4. Sing together.
  5. Ask about specific times in the resident’s life, as if you want to write out their biography.

Use this July 11th as a catalyst to schedule regular visits from friends and family to the Rockaway Care Center resident you know, and even to those  you haven’t gotten to know yet. Often times a few family members might visit regularly, but what about organizing a round of friends and/or volunteers as well, say a different one each Tuesday? Not only will you be providing company, your presence and social interaction will aid in their physical well-being. They’ll thank you.


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