20 Jan 2015

Born in January? A Carnation for You

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Perennial, prevalent, and pleasing – such are the lovely carnation flowers. Suitable for any occasion, carnations are often the default choice in a single flower or bouquet. And if you’re born in January, the carnation is your birth flower. Since it’s carnation month, we put together some trivia ins and outs about this flower. Winner gets…a carnation!

Carnation Trivia

1)      Which carnation colors occur naturally?

a) Peach
b) Pink
c) White
d) Red
All of the Above

2)      When do carnations bloom?

a) April/May
b) May/June
c) Year-round
d) September/October

3)      Where do carnations originate from? (2 answers are correct.)

a) The Mediterranean region
b) North America
c) They’ve been cultivated in such myriad regions for the past two millennia that we no longer know where they’re exotic, and where they’re endemic.
d) Southern Africa

4)      What do white carnations symbolize?

a) Admiration and affection
b) Luck or purity
c) Romantic love
d) Gratitude

5)      What is the Latin name for carnations?

a) Flora Carina
b) Rosa canina
c) Dianthus carnyophyllus
d) Dianthus caryophyllus

Here at Rockaway Care Center, our residents always appreciate gifts of flowers. Whether it’s their birthday this month or not, a bouquet of carnations can brighten up the day and literally add life to the room. Since you know by now – from one of the questions above – that carnations bloom year-round, why not take advantage of this flower for the winter month of January, and stop by your local flower shop on your way to visit Rockaway Care Center? You’ll make a Rockaway Care Center resident smile.
Answers: 1)e 2)c 3)a & c 4)b 5)d


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