You Won’t Believe What the Month of July Is

When school ends for the summer, the children let out a sigh of relief. “Free at last!” they shout. Until about 24 hours in. Even if they have a day camp to keep them busy, there are still those late afternoon and evening hours to fill which would normally be taken care of with homework.. read more →

17 Jul 2014
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Bring On the Companionship

At times, it seems like there’s a day, or even a month, dedicated to practically anything.  This month alone we have National Scarecrow Day, I Forgot Day, World UFO Day, and Sidewalk Egg Frying Day, to name a few. Thankfully, some of the more obscure dedicated days are incredibly positive for volunteerism, such as a.. read more →

10 Jul 2014
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July 4th Trivia Quiz

We all know that July 4th is the United States Independence Day. We celebrate by relishing in picnics and fireworks, and at Rockaway Care Center we have events and singing planned as usual. As intellectual stimulation, while you’re firing up the barbeque and gazing at the colorful flares in the skies, here are some facts.. read more →

04 Jul 2014
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Flag Day, June 14th: The Symbolism & Code of the American Flag

We just commemorated Memorial Day a couple of weeks ago – American flags were flown in celebration. Just a couple of weeks prior, we had Armed Forces Day – US flags were an integral part of the ceremonies. Veterans Day’s in November initiates war veterans and many other Americans to hang the national flag on.. read more →

10 Jun 2014
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Make New Friends, and Keep the Old: National Best Friend Day June 8th

The term “best friend” is a label given for the person you consider the friend you can count on for anything, someone you absolutely love being with, no matter what you do together. “Best friend” is usually for girls – males might have a best friend who is male, but it’s too touchy-feely to actually.. read more →

06 Jun 2014
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Memorial Day Weekend: What It’s All About

Americans can be proud. Only about 400 years have passed since the first successful English colony was established in Jamestown, Virginia, and look at us now. Four centuries is a relatively short time, historically speaking, especially in comparison with the millennia of history in Asia, Arabia, Africa and Europe.  And yet it’s the US which.. read more →

26 May 2014
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Mental Health Awareness Month: Mind Your Health

The term “mental health” covers a broad spectrum. From one end, we have the cases of extreme mental illness, such as schizophrenia. On the other end, we have the more everyday mental health maintenance, such as just needing a power nap and a good sandwich to feel back on track. And everything in between. One.. read more →

22 May 2014
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Unification As Focus: Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Everyone’s familiar with Veterans Day, but what about Armed Forces Day? Armed Forces Day, held on the third Saturday of May, is dedicated to the men and women who served in any branch of US defense – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  Prior to the inauguration of Armed Forces Day, each branch.. read more →

Arthritis Awareness Month: Relief Via Diet & Exercise?

Arthritis is a common ailment for Rockaway Care Center residents, and it’s not only for those in their golden years. Arthritis can strike anyone, and therefore can be prevalent for residents seeking recovery for any ailment, no matter the stage of life. Whether rheumatic arthritis or osteoarthritis, the cause of the pain is the same:.. read more →

05 May 2014
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Perhaps a Jazz Singer: How Could We Be Wrong with Karaoke?

Ready to twist and shout? Raring to sing, sing a song – sing out loud – sing out strong? Yes, it’s Karaoke time.  Because the last week of April, is, you guessed it: Karaoke Week! Karaoke is for that singer in you that you just haven’t let out. Or maybe you used to sing, and.. read more →

23 Apr 2014
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