25 Sep 2017

As Summer Turns to Fall

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As the weather cools down and winter approaches, there are several things that you could apply in your daily routine so the change from summer to fall to winter will not affect you as much.
Senior citizens especially can benefit from these tips since oftentimes they are more prone to sicknesses such as the flu or other, winter related illnesses.

Fact is, that some of those can easily be prevented so that winter can also be a season you can enjoy, regardless of your age.

That seasonal climate changes have effects on health of humans is known for centuries. Both extreme summer heat and winter colds can have negative effects, especially on children and elders.

Here are some tips which can be helpful for the elderly, especially with the onset of winter;

  1. Eat healthy! You should be eating healthy all year long and not just in the winter but especially the intake of essential vitamins and nutrients such as amino acids is very important during this season. Therefore you should not neglect to eat healthy foods in the winter. One more thing that is often forgotten in the winter is that you should always look out for proper hydration, even if you are not sweating much.
  2. Avoid stepping outside in extreme cold weathers. This is essential since extreme colds are very dangerous to seniors. You should also avoid doing physical work outside when it’s cold. Staying indoors doesn’t mean being inactive, you can also have good physical activity even when indoors.
  3. More clean air means less microbes. You should regularly ventilate rooms especially when occupied by several people.
  4. Icy streets can cause much damage and injuries inflicted by falls are both very painful and long lasting. You should be very careful when walking on snow and ice. Investing in a winter boot with good grip or threaded footings may be a good idea.

If you are living secluded and alone as a senior and do not have immediate access to medical services you should stock some medication in case of bad weather related road blocks and other logistical problems. Same goes for food also, you should always keep one or more week’s worth of food as backup.

By following those tips, you can make the upcoming winter into a much more pleasant experience for yourself and your family. Don’t forget, every season has its difficulties but also beauties, as long as you know how to benefit from them.



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